Who we are

We’re a hard-working team of creative developers and business people with a rich history of software development and technical experience. Strengthened by commercial, forward-thinking attitudes you get an understated approach that allows us to explore the possibilities for your organisation in a down-to-earth, realistic, yet exciting way.

Our Culture

As a family-run business we have a set of values and attitudes that reflect our beliefs. They guide how we work and interact – both with each other and our customers.

The cycle of learning

We encourage and support a healthy culture of thinking, exploring, creating and learning – and then we apply the results to benefit our customers.


Every business is different with its own set of challenges. Having an open minded software development team who loves to innovate and examines problems from all angles results in tailored products that really do break the mould.

Continuously improve

Working with the teams at Toyota, we learned about the Japanese concept of continuous improvement, Kaizen. It also means ‘change for the better’ – something we know all about. Kaizen is something we really admire and have taken into the heart of Haywyre.

Work together

Combining the first three pillars of our culture of learning, innovating and improving is a fundamental part of who we are as a team – and this includes our customers. Sharing knowledge, experience and ideas in a partnership brings results far beyond those achieved as individuals.

Aim high

We believe in absolute trust between team members and with clients. It’s how we work: professionally, ethically, openly and respectfully – and always to the highest of standards.

We work with well-known blue chip companies and smaller (including start up) businesses – all of whom know that what they need can’t be found on the shelf.

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Let’s Get Started

How could your business operate better?

Take a leap of faith and let’s talk it through, exploring the possibilities.