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Providing the digital expertise to grow your business.
We work with well-known blue chip companies and smaller,including start up, businesses all of whom know that what they need can’t be found “off the shelf.”

iOS, Android, webiste, community

Burton Swans was East Staffordshire’s first outdoor, public art trail, staged in Burton Upon Trent for 10 weeks between August and October 2020.  We created the project website and an interactive app for iOS and Android for the trail.

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web, cms, api, development, design

Haywyre’s partnership with the founding companies behind the brand dates back to 2002, when online banking was still in its infancy. We have recently rebranded, creation.co.uk and bnpparibas-pf.co.uk

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Gold Line Feeds
web, cms, ecommerce, api, erp, design, development

A new private label proposition for the Gold Line Pet Food brand. Offering customers an industry leading system to build and manage their own brands.

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Police Mutual
app, development, design, iOS, Andriod

Police Mutual needed to create an app to help them communicate with their members. Haywyre was chosen to design and develop the app which runs on Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) phones

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EV Chargers
web, cms, ecommerce, api, development, design

With all the recent press about the impact of diesel and petrol vehicles on the environment we were delighted when a local business startup, EV Chargers, contacted us to discuss a creating responsive website for their new venture.

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ios, api, development, design

When the recruitment team at Toyota Motor Manufacturing asked us to develop a new iPad App we jumped at the chance.  The recruitment team at needed the app which is easy to use and navigate. So we had to make the app as user friendly as possible.

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK
web, admin, cms, api, development, design

Our team built a responsive content managed platform to deliver a consistent, optimised user experience that successfully promotes TOYOTA, its philosophy, background and the work they do with the local community.

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RINA Training
chromeos, windows, api, development, design

The team at Rina wanted to send their course delegates into the exams feeling confident about taking computer based exams and they asked to come up with a solution.

We create a mock exam app to be used as part of the Rina API training courses.

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We use our technical expertise to offer ways in which your company can grow and improve. We can help you increase productivity and revenue; attract, support and retain customers and also provide a better experience for all stakeholders.

Mobile development

We design and build unique native and hybrid apps, optimised for smartphone user experience and engagement.

Web development

We create visually appealing websites, optimised for performance and user-experience to increase sales and website ‘stickiness’.

Analysis, analytics and SEO

By translating reliable stats we can work with you to increase your rankings, help you get found by the right people and generally improve your online presence.

API development

We will integrate and interface your existing systems and automate processes to reduce overheads, process times and remove waste.

Hosting and maintenance

We provide customised hosting strategies to provide the most efficient, secure and cost-effective platform for your application.


We have a strong history of managing and building data storage for customers on a variety of platforms.

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