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As a Burton-based company, Haywyre jumped at the chance to create a new website for the Burton Brewhouse Arts Centre. As locals who had previously used the old site, we already had some ideas on how to streamline and enhance the functionality, which will hopefully now be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. 

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Company Profile

The Brewhouse is a historic gem, located in Burton on Trent. Once part of the Bass Brewery, the Arts Centre opened its doors to the public in January 1991 and has been a cultural hub ever since. Operated by East Staffordshire Borough Council, the Brewhouse welcomes over 60,000 visitors annually, playing host to a wide range of shows and events. From live theatre, comedy, family workshops, exhibitions, conferences and live music, the Brewhouse captivates audiences from near and far. The new website will be a key driver in the venues continued pursuit of a digital first approach and thus needed to be an engaging resource to maximise online sales revenue in the future. 



Industry: Local government/ Tourism

Platform: Web

Services: Custom software solutions, UX design, Web development 

Project Date: 2023-24

Technology Used: WordPress


A digital first approach
The aim of the redesigned Brewhouse website was to boost online engagement and sales, prioritising digital interactions through an easy-to-use customer platform. Key goals were to maximise online bookings with clear and easily accessible information, while showcasing the Brewhouse’s creative identity.

Ensuring accessibility
The old site was outdated and difficult to use. The navigation was clunky and and dead-end pages made it hard for users to find information or book tickets. The website needed to be updated to ensure that information was accessible for all, particularly people with accessibility issues. 

Emphasising online security
Online security was another significant issue with the old site. Customers were put off from booking tickets through the website due to security concerns. The new site had to be secure, improving customer confidence in the safety of booking their show tickets.

Sleek design
The old design failed capture the creative energy and vibrancy of the Brewhouse. The new design had to incorporate bold graphics, vibrant images and rich colours. The redesigned site will not only serve as a great marketing tool, but also enhance the brand identity and SEO capabilities of the Brewhouse website.  

Easy to maintain
The new site had to be easy to edit and update by the Brewhouse team to keep up with the ever-changing itinerary of events and workshops on offer at the Brewhouse. 


Ticket booking with confidence
We streamlined the booking process, giving users easy access to and booking capabilities for events and workshops. We ensured the site was fully secure, guaranteeing online safety when customers booked online. This improvement drove more sales through the website resulting in increased revenue.

Modernising the site in alignment with the identity of the Brewhouse
Moving away from angular grids, we introduced dynamic spaces, curved shapes and vibrant colours to reflect the creation identity of the venue. This dynamic transformation effectively markets the Brewhouse, attracting visitors and boosting its online presence and sales.

Creating a user-friendly site
Our new design improvs the user experience for both staff and visitors, with a dynamic yet simple layout. Easily accessible information and repeated custom link blocks enhance user experience and engagement, driving more conversions and repeat visits. The site is also easy to update, allowing the staff to keep the content fresh and relevant. 

Complete accessibility audit
Conducting a thorough accessibility audit ensure ease of use and compliance with WCAG standards across every page, This commitment to accessibility fosters inclusivity and enhances the user experience for all visitors. 

Implementing Google Analytics and a comprehensive SEO strategy
We optimised on-page elements, improved site speed and set up key word optimisation and Google Analytics from the outset. These efforts, which are often overlooked, drive more organic traffic to the Brewhouse and provide valuable insights for ongoing optimisation and success. 

Offering ongoing Support
We ensured the website was easy for Brewhouse staff to update, providing detailed instruction sheets and training sessions on every element they might want to update. Not only that, but we are always on hand to ensure the website remains a valuable asset aligned with the Brewhouse vision.

Key features

Events cards are designed to highlight the important information and channel visitors into the quick and easy booking process.

A simple, branded, integrated booking system that allows customers to quickly and securely book events and workshops, and manage their bookings independently.

Full-width, high-quality events banners allow the Brewhouse staff to effectively market and promote selected events.

Brightly coloured, clean information cards ensure that all the relevant information is easy access.

Repeated quick-links component throughout the site allow for easy navigation and cross-selling.

Auto-updating featured events on the homepage to allow the Brewhouse to easily promote selected events.

Full-width, high-quality picture exhibition banners create a visually striking homepage and enhance cross-selling.

A distinct auto-updating featured workshop panel on the homepage emphasises the wide range of activities on offer at the Brewhouse.

Final thoughts:

Embarking on a website redesign journey presents a fascinating opportunity to delve into the strengths and weaknesses of the original site. Collaborating closely with the Brewhouse team, we identified key points such as the inefficient booking system and navigation issues, while also preserving and enhancing elements they valued. This collaborative process allowed us to focus the redesign efforts, resulting in a revitalised online presence for the Brewhouse while also simplifying operations for the Brewhouse team. There is also something incredibly satisfying in viewing both the original site and the new, updated design, and witnessing the Brewhouse team and the public appreciate the updates.  

Main benefits of our partnership

  • Modern, vibrant design which stands out from the competition 
  • Reinforced brand identity and recognition 
  • Serves as an effective marketing tool which attracts and engages visitors 
  • Trusted, secure online environment 
  • Improved site security provides peace of mind to visitors and increases conversion rates 
  • Streamlined booking process drives sales
  • Dynamic, user-friendly interface enhances customer satisfaction 
  • Simplified content management for staff 
  • Ensured WCAG compliance for accessibility 
  • Google Analytics integration for valuable data
  • Enhances SEO strategy for improved online visibility 
  • Comprehensive staff training 
  • Ongoing support
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We’ve worked with Haywyre to develop a range of digital initiatives, from brand websites and app development to the hosting and maintenance of our assets. We can always rely on them to deliver a professional, timely and comprehensive solution, tailored to meet our requirements. When developing projects with them, nothing is ever to much trouble and their friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions or to find innovative solutions, this also extends to their excellent after sales technical support.     

I would recommend Haywyre to anyone looking for a trusted and dependable technical partner!”

Nathan, Brewhouse

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