The Toyota Lean Management Centre

The Toyota Lean Management Centre (TLMC) is based at the Deeside Engine Plant in North Wales and has been training external companies in the “Toyota Way” since 2009.  This training helps companies improve their efficiency, reduce waste and increase output by using buisiness tools which have been developed over the past 60 years. Their services include training courses such as, Practical Problem Solving, Kaizan, and Lean Management. TLMC’s client base includes, the National Fire Service College, Enterprise Ireland and Guide Dogs for the Blind and Home Bargains.

The website

Haywyre has been a software development partner, developing and supporting  website and software applications within Toyota Motor Manufacture UK, since 2001. We were delighted to widen our portfolio to include TLMC when the request for a new website came in. Toyota Lean Manufacturing’s new website would promote their services. This enabled TLMC to share their knowledge with a wider audience and help more companies improve their efficiency.

The Lockdown challenge

The Coronavirus pandemic added a new challenge for the TLMC team as their services could no longer be delivered in person. As with the many other companies they had to move to remote working. A decision was made to move their courses on-line with a new booking facility on the website. We developed a course booking system for the site using the Shopify platform. The system gives real time availability on each course and facilitates booking management and reminders.

The move from manual bookings has has enabled the TLMC team to continue to offer training during the pandemic and beyond.  Clients are able to place bookings at a time which is convenient for them, thus enhancing the system’s flexibility and increasing sales.  The team can effectively manage the courses online, improve their efficiency and save time.

For more information please visit the Toyota Lean Management Centre