Coded Easter eggs

With a long weekend of (hopefully!) lovely weather coming up, many people will have their minds focused on Easter eggs hunts. But did you know that Easter eggs hunts aren’t always reserved for just Easter weekend? And that sometimes they occur in the digital world rather than the physical? Just like chocolate eggs hidden in the grass, Easter eggs in coding add an element of fun and surprise for both developers and users, and they happen year round!

Easter eggs in coding

Easter eggs in coding are intentional hidden messages, features or jokes tucked away within the codebases, waiting to be unearthed by keen-eyed developers or users. While sometimes they include important information, sometimes they are merely playful nods from the developers to those who take the time to explore the code. Some Easter eggs you might find include:

  • Hidden comments: One of the most common forms of Easter eggs in coding is the inclusion of hidden comments within the source code. These comments may contain humorous messages, inside jokes among the developement team, or even hints about upcoming features.
  • Quirky functions: Developers often sneak quirky functions or commands into their codebases, which perform unexpected actions when triggered. For example, typing a specific sequence of leystrokes or clicking on a particular element might reveal an animation or pop-up message.
  • Secret URLs: Some websites hide Easter eggs in plain sight by creating secret URLs that lead to hidden pages or interactive experiences. These hidden gems are often discovered through careful exploration or by decoding cryptic clues embedded within the site’s content.
  • Game references: Gaming enthusiasts will often find Easter eggs referencing their favourite games or characters hidden within software applications or websites. These nods to popular culture add an extra layer of enjoyment for those who stumble upon them.
  • Developer credits: Sometimes developers like to include hidden credits or signatures within their code base, as a testament to their hard work.

Why Easter eggs matter

You might wonder if these Easter eggs have any value beyond their entertainment value? Well, these hidden gems foster a sense of community and connection among developers and users alike. They invite curiosity, encourage exploration and add a touch of personality to otherwise mundane digital experiences. Moreover, Easter eggs showcase the creativity and ingenuity of developers, demonstrating their ability to think outside the box and inject a bit of whimsy into their work.

Enjoy your long weekend  

As the arrival of spring tempts you outdoors, maybe remember this as a fun game next time the April showers keep you indoors, and see if you can find any coded Easter eggs on your favourite sites.

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